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This Is An Episiarch The Episiarch (ref. no. cl-82f49) are perhaps the most lethal life forms in the Five Galaxies. They're psychic abilities are unmatched, except for perhaps their Patron-siblings the Acceptors and the newly re-discovered Karrank%. They use their psi powers to deny the very physical fabric of the universe itself and bend it to their will. Their Tandu Patrons use this ability as a type of near instantanious travel, and has won them countless battles. This ability, however, has its drawbacks: if the Episiarch is distracted from its denial even in the slightest bit, the space-time hole colapses and consumes the ship into any of an infinite number of loci in any number if infinite dimensions and universes.

The Tandu are oblivious of this, dispite the frequent loss of ships and their hundreds of crewmembers.

Episiarchs are shaggy, with locks of thick hair covering their entire body, obscuring its shape. The head and abdomen are compacted, with two legs emerging from the bottom. The cranium has been greatly enlarged to accomadate its raw psi abilities.

The Tandu are under continuing investigation for the alleged abuse of the Episiarchs and Acceptors. It has been reported that neither of these races are being properly Uplifted, and kept as living weapons. They have been under indenture for more than 150,000 years, but have not progressed on Client stage on 50,000. It is unknown whether they can even pilot starships on their own without destroying them.

Episiarchs are known only to exist on Tandu military vessels.